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A B.Sc in Satellite Engineering is an applied science and technology program that produces graduates with sound knowledge and skills related to satellite engineering and space technology. Relationships and technologies developed have found worldwide application in natural resource management, environmental management, business, communication science and national strategic planning, as well as military applications, etc.

A graduate in Satellite Engineering could expect to find employment in the expanding industries of Telecommunication and natural resource monitoring and management, navigation, military technology and business.

The Bachelor of Science in Satellite Engineering provides the students with the methodological approach needed for advanced understanding of the modeling, simulation and implementation of a satellite system, sub-system, network and applications. Students taking up this new program of Future University will be introduced to different techniques of technology assimilation and deployment in a real-world environment. They will design, employ and deploy the satellite elements and wireless resources to support an organization.

By specializing on Satellite Engineering and networking, students will gain broad foundation in user interaction and global communication as well as digital technologies using the state-of-the-art tools and equipments.

Aim of Program:

This program equips students with advanced skills in satellite circuits and equipments design. It is an intensive theoretical-practical taught undergraduate program, intended for students with a high skill in electronics application and design.
Specifically, this program aims to:

  • Offering expert opinion and consultation in the field of Satellite application and equipments to the community.
  • The course is designed to enable the students to contribute the solution of technical problems related to satellite Engineering such as optimization and performance enhancement.
  • To provide the students with the necessary knowledge and skills indealing with the various systems and sub-system in the field of satellite engineering, space technology and their developments.

Learning Outcome

We prepare our graduates for a professional career and for academic research. The emphasis of the program is on both theoretical and practical techniques for the design and development of satellite system and sub-system, enabling graduates to apply their knowledge and skills in a variety of settings and applications.

Key Skills of the Program

The program allows our students to gain knowledge and experience at the forefront of space technology. You will gain first-hand experience of the technologies which go into satellites and the planning of space missions. Design and implementation of satellite systems require a diverse range of knowledge, from microelectronics and computing systems through to control engineering for guidance and navigation.The program adopts a systematic approach to introducing fundamentals of satellite systems and space mission design based on a core in electronics and computing, in conjunction with practical experience of their application to real world space engineering through project work.

Program Duration

A total of ten (10) semesters is required to complete the BSSE concentration program. The required 200 credit hours are distributed over ten (10) semesters at an average load of 20 credit hours per semester.