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FACULTY OF information technology

The rapid progress in the area of electronics and telecommunications has been reflected on all aspects of life and led to anew area of advanced technology. This mandates the creation of national specialists capable of coping with the advancement in this area during the current century, and contributing positively to the solution of problems hindering the optimum use of such technologies in different areas

The program extends over 10 semester and leads to a B.Sc. (Honors). During the preparation of this program, the faculty has made use of the experience and curricula of both foreign and national universities; Khartoum University, Sudan University and universities in Boston, California, Sheffield and Hearfield. The faculty also consulted with a number of academics specializing in the fields of electronic engineering and telecommunication technology together with external examiners and visiting professors.


  • To provide the students with the necessary knowledge and skills in dealing with the various applications in the field of telecommunications and their developments.
  • Offering expert opinion and consultation in the field of communication skills to the community.
  • The course is designed to enable the students to contribute the solution of problem hindering the optimum use of telecommunication technologies in different areas.

Course Structure

A total of ten semesters is required for graduation. The required 215 credit hours are distributed over the ten semesters with an average load of 21.5 credit hours/semester.

Course Nature No. of Courses Total Credit
Languages 8 16
Humanities 5 9
Natural Sciences 11 27
Social Sciences 4 7
Mathematics 7 21
Computer Sciences 7 15
Electronics and Telecommunication 41 110
Projects and Training 4 10
Total 87 215