FACULTY OF TElecommunication and Space Technology

Faculty of Telecommunication and Space Technology

Telecommunications and Space Technology at the Future University is a gateway into this rapidly advancing, global field. The faculty offers world-class programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Students have access to research across a wide range of subjects related to telecommunications engineering and satellite communication. They also have opportunities to develop skills through community action projects.

The faculty has on campus training facilities such as the workshop for basic training, satellite unit, telephone exchange and the university network. In addition the faculty organises industrial training via an agreement with a local telecommunications operator and various ICT organisations.

The staff of the faculty are well qualified and their areas of expertise include: satellite engineering, networking, mobile communication, antennae and wave propagation, information theory and coding, digital multimedia communication and fiber-optic communication.

Foreword from the Faculty Dean

Foreword from the Faculty Dean

I wish to welcome and extend my heartiest congratulation to candidates who have been selected to undergo various fields of studies offered by the Faculty of Telecommunication and Space Technology in Future University.

Engineering students taking the telecommunication and space technology courses will be exposed to engineering fields in analog and digital communications, electromagnetic waves, and optical communications, engineering studies in electronics, circuit, and signal analysis.

Moreover, the faculty assures you to gain a first-rate academic experience in telecommunication and space technology to be able to distinct in the field of telecommunication.

Vision and Mission

The Faculty provides outstanding quality education to diverse groups of national and international students. Academic programs focus on rigorous scientific and theoretical foundations to create professionals with thorough understanding of the fundamentals and a capability of applying this knowledge for research, analysis, and design.

To offer the highest quality undergraduate and graduate education in the telecommunication and space technology fields to the citizens of Sudan and beyond, informed and strengthened by excellence in research within the international scientific community.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted in any degree program of the Faculty of Telecommunication and Space Technology, the student must have one of the following certificates:

  • Sudan School Certificate (academic-technical-commercial)
  • Equivalent School Certificate from Arab Countries
  • Egyptian Secondary School Certificates and other foreign certificates

All non-Sudanese certificates are equated and assessed on the basis of Sudanese secondary school certificate in which the candidate must pass seven subjects from which the percentage of admission is calculated to include the four main subjects and three optional ones according to the area of specialization.

Admission of student percentage of the grades or scores attained in the following subjects: Arabic Language, Religious Studies, English Language, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and subjects like Computer Science or Engineering Science or Arts and Design.

Our courses are designed to provide flexibility of choice and are continually revised to reflect new development in each subject area allowing you to work at the cutting edge of science.

  • Bachelor of Science (Honor) in Telecommunication Engineering.
  • Bachelor of Science (Honor) in Satellite Engineering.
  • Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering.

The Faculty of Telecommunication and Space Technology offers various degrees and diploma programs:

B.Sc. (Hons) in Telecommunication

The program extends over 10 semester and leads to a B.Sc. (Honors). During the preparation of this program, the college has made use of the experience and curricula of some foreign and Sudanese Universities e.g. Boston and California Universities, Sheffield and Heathersfield , Damascus and Allepo Universities – the Arab Academy – Khartoum and Sudan Universities. The college also consulted with a number of academicians specialized in the field of electronic engineering and telecommunication technology together with the external examiners and visiting professors.

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B.Sc. (Hons) in Satellite Engineering

A B.Sc in Satellite Engineering is an applied science and technology program that produces graduates with sound knowledge and skills related to satellite engineering and space technology. Relationships and technologies developed have found worldwide application in natural resource management, environmental management, business, communication science and national strategic planning, as well as military applications, etc.

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Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering

The rapid progress in the area of electronics and telecommunications has been reflected on all aspects of life and led to a new area of advanced technology. This mandates the creation of national specialists capable of copying with the advancement in this area during the current century and contributing positively to the solution of problems hindering to the optimum use of such technologies in different areas.

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