Program Structure

Course TitleCredit Hour
Semester 1
Arabic Language I2
English Language I2
Religious Studies I2
Sudanese Studies2
Calculus I3
Chemistry I3
Physics I3
Engineering Drawing I3
Semester 2
Arabic Language II2
English Language II2
Religious Studies II2
Introduction to Engineering3
Calculus II3
Engineering Drawing II3
Electricity & Magnetism3
Mechanics (Dynamics)3
Introduction to ICDL I3
Semester 3
Religious Studies III2
Digital System I3
Material Science3
Circuit Theory 13
Arabic Language III2
Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory3
English Language III2
Structural Programming with C3
Semester 4
Communication Skills for Engineering Professionals2
Semiconductor Physics and Devices3
Differential Equations3
Physics II3
Digital System II3
Circuit Theory II3
Analysis & Design of Algorithms3
Special Functions2
Semester 5
Programming Language II(VB)3
Discrete Mathematics3
Electronics 13
Signals & Systems3
Complex Variables / Vector Analysis3
Industrial Management2
Nano 1: Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanofabrication3
Semester 6
Digital Signal Processing3
Analog Communications3
Statistics and Probability3
Nano II. Nano-Electronics3
Numerical Methods3
Basic Training3
Electromagnetic I3
Electronics II3
Semester 7
Digital Communications3
Control Theory3
Electrical Power System3
Computer and Assembly Language3
Microprocessor and Interfacing3
Engineering Economics2
Electronics III3
Semester 8
Introduction to Power Electronics3
Nano III: Nano/Micro-electromechanical Systems (N/MEMS)3
Digital Control System3
Integrated Circuits Fabrications3
Principles VLSI System Design3
Computer Organization3
Semester 9
Final Year Project I3
Industrial Training ( Field trip )2
Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic3
Advanced Power Electronics3
Nano IV: Nanoscale Engineering Applications3
CAD of Circuits and Systems3
Semester 10
Wave Propagation and Interface3
Final Year Project II2
Embedded System Design3
Total Credit Hour 196  

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