Program Structure

Course TitleCredit Hour
Semester 1
Studio Design 13
Basic Interior Design3
Design by Computer 13
Art Appreciation3
Freehand Drawing3
Arabic Language I2
English Language I2
Religious Studies I2
Sudanese Studies2
Semester 2
English Language II2
Religious Studies II2
Design by Computer II1
Studio Design II3
Theory of Design2
Interior Design 12
Interior Design Studio I3
History of Art2
Arabic Language II2
Semester 3
Color Rendering I2
Color Theory Studio3
Color Theory2
Interior Design Studio II3
Arabic Language III2
English Language III2
Religious Studies III2
Semester 4
Interior Design III3
Interior Design Studio III3
Materials and Resources 13
Color Rendering II3
History of Interior Design II2
Period Color1
Period Color Studio2
Computer Aided Design & Drafting in 3D CADD II2
Materials & Resources Design I2
Semester 5
Interior Design IV3
Interior Design Studio IV3
Materials of Construction2
Building Utilities2
Furniture Design I1
Furniture Design Studio I3
Computer Aided Design & Animation CADD III3
Interior Construction & Detailing1
Interior Construction & Detailing Studio1
Lighting Design2
Professional Practice & Ethics2
Portfolio Projects/ Computer Graphics1
Semester 6
Flower Arrangement & Landscaping3
On the Job Training/ Practicum3
Interior Design V3
Interior Design Studio V3
Semester 7
Interior Design VI3
Furniture Design II1
Furniture Design Studio II3
Interior Design Principles & Trends2
File Organization & Processing Techniques3
Semester 8
Interior Design VII3
Interior Design Studio VII3
Advanced Exhibition Design3
Advanced Visual Merchandising3
Restoration and Adaptive Reuse of Interior Space3
Semester 9
Interior Design VIII3
Business Management in Interior Design3
Semester 10
Exhibition (Final Project)6
Arts & Antiques3
Furniture Systems2
Total Credit Hour 159  

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