Program Structure

Course TitleCredit Hour
Semester 1
Introduction to art and design3
Basic Design3
Principles of Freehand Drawing3
Arabic Language I2
English Language I2
Religious Studies I2
Semester 2
Basics of 2D design3
Figure Drawing3
Art of Ancient Civilizations2
Arabic Language II2
English Language II2
Semester 3
General Graphic Design3
Computer Graphic Design3
Print Design3
Drawing 13
History of Islamic Art & Design3
Arabic Language III2
English Language III2
Religious Studies III2
Semester 4
Technical Drawing3
History of Modern and Contemporary Art3
Painting Composition3
Printing Design3
Still- life Paintings3
Semester 5
Letter Design3
Print Design and Layout3
3D digital modeling3
History of African and Sudanese art2
Digital imaging3
Semester 6
Art Appreciation and Criticism3
3D Digital modeling animation3
Graphic production techniques2
Advanced Digital Imaging3
Design Management2
Semester 7
Display Art3
Applied Project 13
Computer Application Project 13
Computer Design 1/ Adobe3
Illustration 13
Project Report Writing3
Semester 8
Applied Project 23
Drawing 23
Computer Design 2/ Adobe3
Computer Design 3D Max3
Illustration 23
Total Credit Hour 123  

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