Program Structure

Course TitleCredit Hour
Semester 1
Post Traditional Media3
Computers in Business2
Arabic Language I2
Introduction to Computer I "ICDL A"3
English Language I2
Religious Studies I2
Sudanese Studies2
Semester 2
Cognition in Interactive Environments2
Principles of Visual Thinking and Design3
Arabic Language II2
English Language II2
Religious Studies II2
Semester 3
Audio Design2
Advanced Topics in Interaction Design3
Arabic Language III2
English Language III2
Religious Studies III2
Semester 4
Creative Communication3
Creative Studies3
Digital Media Design 13
Semester 5
Design Process For Digital Media3
Digital Media 13
Digital Media Design 23
Video Post Production3
Semester 6
Digital Media 23
Digital Media Design 32
Digital Photography3
Semester 7
Design Process For Digital Media III3
Interactive Design3
Two Dimensional (2D) Animation3
Semester 8
Three Dimensional (3D) Animation3
Media Aesthetics3
Multimedia Authoring 13
Semester 9
Multimedia Authoring 23
Vector Graphics3
Media Production Process3
Semester 10
Multimedia Authoring 33
New Media Technology3
Total Credit Hour 100  

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