Program Structure

Course TitleCredit Hour
Semester 1
Arabic Language I2
English Language I2
Environmental Studies I3
Religious Studies I2
Sudanese Studies2
Calculus & Analytic Geometry I2
Physics I3
Semester 2
Introduction to Computer II "ICDL 2"3
Cartography/Map Reading & Survey I (Cartographic principles and map projections, AutoCAD Lab)3
Arabic Language II2
English Language II2
Religious Studies II2
Environmental Studies II3
Semester 3
Cartography/ Map Reading & Survey II (Map reading & interpretation, AutoCAD Lab)3
Geographical Information System I (ArcView & ArcGIS Lab)3
Remote Sensing I (Erdas Imagine & Envi Lab)3
Discrete Mathematics3
Arabic Language III2
English Language III2
Religious Studies III2
Semester 4
Linear Algebra2
Cartography /Map Reading and Survey III ( Principles of Surveying and techniques, AutoCad Lab)3
Geographical Information System II (ArcView & ArcGIS Lab)3
Remote Sensing II (Erdas Imagine & Envi Lab)3
Semester 5
Spatial Analysis and Modeling i (Advanced GiS) (Spatial Analyst, ArcView and ArcGIS Lab I) MapInfo3
GiS Data Structure3
GPS and LIDAR Technology (Navigation systems, Field and Lab Work)3
Ethical Legislation Issues in Spatial Information Technology2
Digital image processing and Analysis i (Advanced rS)3
Semester 6
remote Sensing Satellite Systems and Data types3
Digital image processing and Analysis ii (Erdas Imagine & Envi Lab II)3
Spatial Analysis and Modeling ii (Advance GiS)3
Mobile GiS3
Programming of Applications in GiS3
Field Data Collection (field work)3
Semester 7
research preparation Course in Geoinformatics3
Applications in GiS (Case study)3
Location Based Services & technology3
network Analysis & Modeling (Advanced GiS)3
Semester 8
Computer Graphics3
Software Engineering3
DEM/DtMD Analysis & Modeling (Advanced GiS)3
Applications in remote sensing (Case study)3
Senior project3
Semester 9
project Management in Spatial information technology3
Internet GIS3
Open Standard and open Sources Web GIS3
Final Project I3
Collaboration Spatial Decision Support System3
Semester 10
GiS for Environment Monitoring and hazard Management3
Spatial Data integration and infrastructure3
final project II3
Internship/ Industrial Work3
Total Credit Hour 146  

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