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The 6th Meeting of the Future University Board of Trustees
Posted on: 09-06-2016

The 6th annual meeting of the Future University Board of Trustees was held in the university premises under the chairmanship of Dr. Abubaker Mustafa Mohamed Khair, the Chairman of the Future University Board of Trustees. The meeting was addressed by Dr. Modather Abdel Gani, Minister of Investment who praised the approach of the Future University and described it as one of the most successful educational projects. The Minister confirmed the support of his Ministry to FU in developing its projects and achieving its goals.

Dr. Eltayeb Mustafa, the Future University President, and the deans of faculties presented comprehensive reports that reviewed the academic, administrative and social aspects of the FU progress during the past period and they noted the quantitative development achieved by the university. The Board Members commended the advanced and outstanding performance of the university. The General External Financial Auditor, Mr. Mustafa Salim, praised the high transparency of the university financial performance.

It has been agreed to set up a committee to study the development of cooperation with universities and institutions to support the future projects of The Future Uinversity to be a distinguished academic center not only in Sudan, but at the regional level as well.

The meeting also agreed to form another committee to evaluate the academic and the general programs of the university and the establishment of two new faculties, one for Business Administration and another for Media.


The Board of Trustees includes number of famous scientists and experts who participated in the meeting such as Dr. Abdul Hamid Zakri; Dr. Alec Boksenberg; Dr. Gilbert Frade; Dr. Elias Baydoun; Dr. Dato Lee Yee-Cheong; and Dr. Fayrouz Sharwky.

 Board of Trustees Meeting was followed by the Annual Forum of the Future University scientific seminars.

The Forum was addressed in the 1st session by Dr. Abdul Hamid Zakri:  how to advise the government on scientific issues.

The second lecture was on modern technologies in engineering education, by Dr. Gilbert Frade.

 The 3rd lecture was on digital economy, by Dr. Dato Lee Yee-Cheong, Chairman, Governing Board, International Science, Technology and Innovation Center, Malaysia.

Floor was opened for discussion by experts and the audience at the end of the three sessions.