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Memorandum of Understanding
Posted on: 05-04-2016


Memorandum of Understanding between The Ministry of Urban Planning and The Future University

As per the plans and programmes of the Future University (FU) to effectively participate in the development and services in the country, the FU signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the implementation of new programs in the area of architecture and design starting with Omdurman town.

The MOU is signed by the minister of Urban Planning lieutenant General P.SC , Eng. Hassan Salih Omer on behalf of Khartoum State and    Dr. El Tayeb Mustafa, President of the Future University , on behalf of FU The MOU paved the way to bilateral  cooperation for implementation of the ministry urban development, encourage  the postgraduate students to focus on projects relevant to planning and urban design ; priority be given to the employees of the ministry to join post- graduate student at FU ; organizing  of training courses; workshops and conferences as required and seeking  assistance of international expertise.

The MOU presents the role of the ministry in prioritizing the implementation of the urban development starting with Omdurman, Alsaggana and Alsahafa. The Fu will furnish students with needed information and proposals for graduation projects.

The minister praised the FU initiative and he described efforts of the FU as distinguished. He commended the FU plans for his ministry and assured of close cooperation with FU in such initiatives.

Dr.El Tayeb Mustafa asserted full readiness on the part of the university to help in executing development and services programmers because of being a target and aim of the FU.

It is to be mentioned that the FU held asuccessful   workshop last month and was attended by students of Venice University , Italy , 5 Sudanese Universites Ministry of Urban Planning and FU. The workshop came up with studies to Omdurman, replanning together with design for the White Nile Corniche extending from the White Nile Bridge to Halfaya Bridge.