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FACULTY OF information technology

The Faculty of Information Technology offers a B.Sc. in Knowledge Engineering program of ten semesters duration with a total of 175 credit hours leading to the B.Sc. (Honours) degree.

The curriculum is designed to familiarize the students with the fundamentals of Knowledge Engineering technology as well as business knowledge. It seeks to produce graduates well-grounded in both theory and practice who are able to share in the development and progress of the country.

Program Detail

The BSIT Knowledge Engineering program curriculum is designed on a semester basis. A total of ten (10) semesters is required to complete the degree. The required one hundred seventy-seven (175) credit hours are distributed over ten (10) semesters with maximum of 21 units per semester. The first eight (8) semesters include a maximum of 7 courses while the remaining two (2) semesters hold only five (5) courses to enable the students to have ample time for their research and capstone projects.

The ten (10) semester program includes both theoretical and practical courses. Broadly speaking, the theoretical foundation is laid during the first four semesters and this knowledge is consolidated by inclusion of more practical courses in the final six semesters. This program aims to ensure both technical and managerial competencies.

Course Structure

Course Nature No. of Courses Total Credits
Mathematics Courses 4 12
Computer Studies 37 111
Humanities 12 24
Social Sciences 5 15
Engineering Courses 3 9
Optional Courses 1 1
Projects 1 3
Total 63 175