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FACULTY OF information technology

The Faculty of Computer Science deals with the fundamental scientific laws and engineering principles which govern the design, manufacture, and use of computers. As well as basic computer procedures, engineering research in advanced computing systems our computer scientists also learn mathematical methods of problem-solving The structure of the BS programme in Computer Science aims to meet the needs of students with formal computing experience and with established relevant skills. The students are expected to gain both theoretical and practical understanding of the entire field of Computer Science.

Course Structure

The proposed structure is dynamic and allows for various options including breadth-based, depth-based, and integrated breadth & depth-based specializations.
Students may choose the options most appropriate to their planned future career.
The following are relevant details:

  • Students must gain a minimum of 133 credit hours including computing related courses.
  • The programme lasts for 10 semesters over a 3 and 3.5 year period.
  • The major area of specialization must be comprised of between 4 and 6 courses as part of the overall degree programme.

General Recommendation Regarding Implementation of Programme

Faculty level and orientation is vital for the successful implementation It is strongly recommended that the BS programme should be only implemented via experienced computer science faculty having formal education in Computer Science.
That access to sate of the art computing and information technology is essential for our innovative learning environment encouraging knowledge of professional areas of specialization such as computer graphics, multimedia systems, computer networking and virtual reality or design automation. Dedicated computing facilities are essential for hands-on experience.
Students should gain experience of a variety of programming language and operating systems
Besides faculty and computing facilities, substantial library resources are important to support a rigorous graduate programme in information technology. Students should have access to digital libraries and knowledge resources via Internet technologies.

Program Duration

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science which will be known as BSCS (Semester Scheme) course will consist of ten semester's duration which will be conducted in 3 to 3.5 years. Each semester will be approximately 3.5 months (minimum 90 working days in a semester) duration.