FACULTY OF Basic Studies and Continuing Education

Faculty of Basic Studies and Continuing Education

The Faculty of Basic Studies and Continuing Education had been established first semester School year 2010-2011. The Faculty of Basic Studies and Continuing Education is the servicing Faculty which caters to the general education component of every curricular program in the University. It is dedicated to educate students of different Faculty in holistic sense. It formally sets the general academic foundation across all Faculties, being the heart of university.

We mold, we care, and we lay the foundation.

Foreword from the Faculty Dean

Foreword from the Faculty Dean

The Faculty of Basic Studies and Continuing Education is always ready to provide our dear students with great opportunities contributive to their receiving a well-rounded education—an education appropriate to the needs of the times and the calls of a globally competitive world.

Professors are aware of their tremendous responsibility entrusted to them: to shape the heart and mind and to build character of the country's hope- the youth.

As we continue to build on this remarkable legacy, and as you continue in your quest for excellence, we earnestly ask your full support for the realization of the mission - vision of the university. In behalf of the faculty of Basic Studies, it is my joy to welcome you.

Vision and Mission

The Faculty of Basic Studies and Continuing Education is committed to provide quality education through relevant instruction, research, and extension for sustainable development and global competitiveness. Likewise, it develops globally competitive professional trained in Linguistics and scientific fields.

Specifically, we expect our graduates

  • To generate innovative and significant researches that will yield new knowledge and contribute to a deeper understanding of the natural and cultural worlds.
  • To be successful scientists and active citizens in an increasingly diverse, technological, and global society, equipped with an excellent education.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted in any degree program of the Faculty of Engineering, the student must have one of the following certificates:

  • Sudan School Certificate (academic-technical-commercial)
  • Equivalent School Certificate from Arab Countries
  • Egyptian Secondary School Certificates and any other foreign certificates

  • Admission of student percentage of the grades or scores attained in the following subjects: Arabic language, Religious Studies, English, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and subjects like Computer Science or Engineering Science.

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