FACULTY OF business Administration

Faculty of Business Administration

The Faculty of Business Administration is wholly committed to foster business leadership and guide future ethical business professionals through the intricacies of business life in an age of change and uncertainty. From the moment our students express their interest in Business Administration until graduation day, as business educators, we are here to support them navigate their journey towards becoming entrepreneurs, managers and business leaders. We desire to offer them fruitful learning experiences. Our program is designed to provide them with the mindset, analytical tools and conceptual foundations to meet the challenges of a modern business life. Likewise, to prepare them to have a wide range of career options available to them.

To us, learning experiences mean a bright future.

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Vision and Mission


The Faculty of Business Administration envisions itself as the reservoir of highly competent and development-oriented professional in the field of business imbued with relevant knowledge, skills, ethical values and attitude towards global competitiveness.


Our mission is wholly committed to prepare the students with excellent business education to excel in a dynamic business environment.

  1. To equip students with knowledge of principles, concepts, and theories in the field of business and accounting.
  2. To develop the students’ competencies and skills needed as entrepreneurs, managers and business leaders.
  3. To acquire ethical values and attitude through understanding and appreciation of corporate social responsibility.
  4. To prepare students to pursue a variety of career options or graduate studies in business.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted in any degree program of the Faculty of Engineering, the student must have one of the following certificates:

  • Sudan School Certificate (academic-technical-commercial)
  • Equivalent School Certificate from Arab Countries
  • Egyptian Secondary School Certificates and any other foreign certificates

All non-Sudanese certificates are equated and assessed on the basis of Sudanese secondary school certificate in which the candidate must pass seven subjects from which the percentage of admission is calculated to include the four main subjects and three optional ones according to the area of specialization. Admission of the student percentage of the grades or scores attained in the following subjects for B.Sc. (hons) Business Administration: Arabic Language, English Language, Religious Studies, Mathematics, and 3 optional subjects.

The Bachelor of Science (hons) in Business Administration

The BSc (Hons) in Business Administration is a 10 semester program with 168 credit hours designed to equip students with the concepts and principles of business and accounting and instill and nurture skills and values of students that are vital for future business leadership and organizational success.

Competency of Graduates

These are the knowledge, skills and values that a graduate of BSBA program should possess or develop to be able to succeed in this course:

General Knowledge

  • Management concepts and theories-Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resource Management, Information System
  • Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Philosophy and evolution of Management thought

Technical Knowledge

  • Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Operations Research
  • Feasibility Study and Project Evaluation
  • Trend Analysis and Forecasting


  • Critical thinking skills -the ability to see all the different aspect of a complex problem, and to tackle them one by one.
  • Interpersonal skills – the ability to relate to all kinds of people while leading, motivating and inspiring teams and commits people to action..
  • Decision making skills – the capacity to take all the evidence and make good judgment calls in high pressure situations is a necessary skill for doing business.
  • Communication skills – the ability to express ideas clearly both oral and written in English is necessary for global business in the present day, and it is also a vital skill in leading teams.
  • Mathematical skills – a basic grasp of arithmetic and a predisposition for numbers are necessary as accounting and auditing are vital components to this course, and require a fair amount of mathematical knowledge.
  • Information technology skills – the ability to access, retrieve and disseminate information using information technology


  • Fairness
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Honesty
  • Hard work
  • Patience
  • Diligence
  • Innovative
  • Risk taking
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Social responsibility

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