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FACULTY OF information technology

Our program is the only one that meets the total number of credit hours required in the Sudan. It spans 10 semesters and therefore lasts about 5 years. This is the global norm for this kind of program.

In the later parts of the program, course work is focused on a series of integrated studio experiences and support courses including history, Interior architecture, professional practice, and computer-aided design and construction management. The studio experience culminates in a senior project. Throughout the program Studio experiences require that each student be exposed to a variety of projects at several different levels of complexity and different client project goals.

There are few Architecture and Design programs in Sudan. Among these programs the only one in which advanced drawing and design programs such as AutoCAD and 3D max will intensively be taught.

Course Structure

The Bachelor's degree requires ten semesters. The student must undergo two practical assessments, after semesters IV and VIII. This practical work requires the full semester so that students gain maturity to practice the art of architecture outside the university context.

Subjects Credit Hours
Architectural Design 81
Design Studies 20
Computer and Architecture Studies 22
Technological Studies 36
Built Environment Science Studies 4
Visual Arts 8
Project Management Studies 8
Urban Planning & Design Studies 6
Housing Studies 3
Mathematics 2
Environmental Studies 2
Languages 12
Religious Studies 6
Filed Practical Training & Seminar 3
Total 212