FACULTY OF architecture

Faculty of Architecture

Architecture, the art and science of building, is peculiarly approached in a way that contemporary design techniques are focused on employing advanced drawing and design programs such as ArchiCAD and 3D max. The program, the only in Sudan, offers students' "digital design know-how" of all building types. Recent up-to-date challenges of architecture require specialties that are answerable to such challenging issues. All courses offered in the Faculty address contemporary architecture digital design approach to style, function, and technology.

Shaping the Environment

Foreword from the Faculty Dean

Foreword from the Faculty Dean

We welcome students admitted to this Faculty . The Department of Architecture and Design is peculiar in the sense that it addresses the surrounding built environment which is everybody's concern. Architecture students are, therefore, urged to help in shaping their surrounding built environment as beautiful as they could.

Vision and Mission

Architecture and Design program aims at becoming the leading digital design department out of which the most creative and innovative architects are expected to graduate. This program offers students the digital design knowhow of all building types e.g. health, residential, office, sport, leisure, transportation, industrial, educational etc., Widening students' understanding in tackling contemporary design techniques employing the most up- to- date computer drawing and design programs such as ArchiCAD, 3D max. It teaches the students the knowledge of how to come up with architectural design in which issues pertaining to technology of structure, construction, science, services, and technical design drawings.

For the admission to the B.Sc. (Honors) in Architecture and Design program, a student must have obtained one of the following certificates;

  • Sudan School Certificate (academic-technical-commercial)
  • Equivalent School Certificate from Arab Countries
  • Egyptian Secondary School Certificates and other foreign certificates

Admission of student percentage of grades or score attained in the following subjects: Arabic language, English language, Religious Education, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Science or Computer Science or Arts & Design.

Students should pass ten semesters that take them about four years to study. This system is employed worldwide in various new architecture schools and departments. The department is taking the lead in implementing this system with total credit hours of 215.

B.Sc. (Hons) in Architecture and Design

Our program is the only one that meets the total number of credit hours required in the Sudan. It spans 10 semesters and therefore lasts about 5 years. This is the global norm for this kind of program.

In the later parts of the program, course work is focused on a series of integrated studio experiences and support courses including history, Interior architecture, professional practice, and computer-aided design and construction management. The studio experience culminates in a senior project. Throughout the program Studio experiences require that each student be exposed to a variety of projects at several different levels of complexity and different client project goals.

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There are few Architecture and Design programs in Sudan. Among these programs the only one in which advanced drawing and design programs such as AutoCAD and 3D max will intensively be taught.

M.Sc. in Landscape Architecture

The mission of the MLA Program in Landscape Architecture is to educate for ultimate leadership in the landscape architecture profession. This mission requires fostering rigorous scholarly inquiry of the discipline, and the preparation of knowledgeable practitioners.

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