Masters on Communication Networks Engineering (MCNE) is focused on the provisioning of competence across Telecommunications Engineering and Computer Science, taking into account tecno-economic aspects and services supported by the networks. In the first semester the students will build solid grounds in basic disciplines of information engineering. In the second and third semester they will acquire strong competence in the area of: software for telecommunication, design of wired and wireless networks, network architectures and tecno-economic aspects, network components. In the last semester, they will develop and original Master thesis in Future University Laboratories or in one of the sponsor companies. At the end of the Master program they will be able to design, plan and manage complex telecommunication infrastructures with heterogeneous network segments both from the hardware and software point of view.

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This program equips students with advanced skills in communication networks and its equipments design. It is an intensive theoretical-practical taught post graduate program, intended for Engineers with a high skill in electronics application and design.
Specifically, this program aims to:

  1. Offering expert opinion and consultation in the field of Communication networks and its equipments to the community.
  2. The course is designed to enable the students to contribute the solution of technical problems related to communication network engineering such as optimization and performance enhancement.
  3. To provide the Engineers with the necessary knowledge and skills in dealing with the various systems and sub- system in the field of Communication network Engineering and its developments.


We prepare our post graduates for a professional career and for academic research. The emphasis of the program is on both theoretical and practical techniques for the design and development of Communication Networks, enabling the post graduates to apply their knowledge and skills in a variety of settings and applications.

The Communication network engineering program allows our graduate students to gain knowledge and experience at the forefront of communication network technology. Future university is only Sudanese university to design and build real educational network with a multimedia delivery capability. You will gain first-hand experience of the technologies which go into networking and the planning of a various network such as VSAT, Broadband and wireless network. Design and implementation of communication network require a diverse range of knowledge, from Electronics and computing systems through to communication engineering for broadband communication.


A wide range of career opportunities in the post graduate Doctorate that specialized in Communication Engineering. Among the career opportunities are listed below.

As a graduate in Master of Science in Computer Engineering with specialization in Networking (MSc CpE-N), he/she is qualified to compete in the following:

  1. Network Engineer;
  2. VSAT Network Consultant;
  3. Telecommunication Engineer;
  4. Research and Development Specialist;
  5. Academician


B.Sc or B. Eng in related area such as Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Telecommunication Engineering with the following pre requisite subjects:

  • Digital Communication
  • Analogue Communication
  • Communication Theory
  • Data Communication
  • Electromagnetic

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