Dr. Abubaker Mustafa
The Founder , Investor and Chairman of the Board of Trustees,
The Future University
  Dr. El Tayeb Mustafa
The President of The Future University
Honorary Members
  H.E. Madam Azeb Mesfin
The First Lady of The Republic of Ethiopia.
Vice President of Organization of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS.
Founder and Patron of Ethiopia's National Initiative for Mental Health.
  Professor Ahmed Zewail
Linus Pauling Chair Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Physics California Institute of Technology
Nobel Laureate
First US Science Envoy to the Middle East.
  Madam Francine Cousteau
Chairperson of Cousteau Society,
Paris, France
  Dr. Bruce Alberts
Chancellor's Leadership Chair in Biochemistry & Biophysics for Science & Education of California, San Francisco USA.
Former Editor-in Chief of Science Magazine
Former US Envoy to the Islamic World
President Emeritus, US National Academy of Sciences

The Members of the Board of Trustees

  Prof. Dr. Adnan Badran
Founding President of Yarmouk University, Jordan (1976-1986).
Founding President of JUST, At present President of Petra University, Jordan.
The former Deputy Director General of the UNESCO (1993-1998)
Former Minister of Agriculture
Former Minister of Education and
Former Prime Minister of Jordan during 2005.
  Prof. Maged El Sherbiney
The Assistant Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
President of the Academy of the Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), EGYPT
President, NAM S&T Centre
  Prof. Firouz Shahrokhi
President, Technology Development Corporation, USA.
President, Power Avenue Corporation, USA.
Former Science advisor to NATO, US-State Dept.
Advisor to the two former US Presidents (President Richard Nixon and President Ronald Reagan.)
Senior Professor Vanderbilt University.
Professor University of Tennessee, Space Institute.
Assistant to the Chief Scientist of Air Force System Command , USA.
  Utz. Dafa Alla Elhaj Yousif
Former Chairman, Computer Man College
Former Minister of Education
Former Minister of Justice
Former Chief of the Judiciary
  Prof. Abdul Hamid Zakri
Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Chairman of Centre for Global Sustainability Studies (CGSS) International Advisory Panel.
Elected as a Fellow of The Academy of Science of the Islamic World (IAS) in 2006.
  Dr. Alec Boksenberg
Professor: Astronomy, Cambridge University.
Fellow of the Royal Society (the UK academy of science).
Developed the Image Photon Counting System (IPCS) for detecting optical and ultraviolet signals at the quantum level.
Chairman of the UK National Commission for UNESCO.
  Dato Lee Yee-Cheong
Chairman, Governing Board , International Science, Technology and Innovation Centre for South (ISTIC ) KL, Malaysia.
Chairman of the Board of the ASEAN Council of Academies of Science, Engineering and Technology (ASEAN-CASE).
Former President of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) 2003-2005.
Member of the Academy of Science of Malaysia
  Prof. Farouk El-Baz
Director of the Centre for Remote Sensing Boston University.
Research Professor at the Department of Archaeology and Electrical & Computer Engineering, Boston University.
Former Principal Investigator for Earth Observations and Photography on the Apollo Soyuz Test Project (NASA).
Science Advisor (1978-1981) to the late Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt.
  Prof. Mohamed Haj Ali
Secretary General of Islamic Academy of Science.
Former Executive Director of Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS).
Former President of African Academy of Sciences.
Vice Chairman Inter Academy Panel.
Advisor for Scientific Research, Future University.
Director of the Future University Forum (FUF).
  Mr. Gilbert Frade
Advisor to the Government, Paris - France
Senior Advisor at International Companies in Mining and Energy Engineering, Paris.
Advisor to several governments : South Africa, Chili, etc.
Former Director of Paris (Grande Ecole ) School of Mining.
  Prof. Elias Baydoun
Head, Department of Biology, American University Beirut.
Secretary General of Arab Academy of Science Beirut.
Former Assistant President and Director of Planning and Development at ?Yarmouk University, Jordan.
  Utz. Abdel Basit Sabdrat
Former Minister of Justice.
Former Minister of Federal Governance.
Former Minister of Parliamentary Affairs.
Former Legal Affairs Advisor to the President of the Republic of Sudan.
Former Minister of Culture and Information.
Former Minister of Education.
  Dr. Sabir Mohammed Elhassan
Chairman of the Board, Omdurman National Bank.
Former Governor of Central Bank of Sudan.
Former State Minister of Finance.
Former Chairman, Bank of Khartoum.
Deputy Chairman, Khartoum Stock Exchange.
  Dr. Mohammed Elfateih Hamid
Former Dean, Faculty of Law in University of Khartoum.
Former Legal Advisor of Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah.
Member of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Sudan.
  Prof. Ali Shomo
Head National Council for Press and Publications
Former Minister of Information
Information Expert and University Lecturer
  Prof. El Tayeb Haj Ateya
Advisor of the Vice Chancellor, Khartoum University.
The Librarian, Khartoum University.
Former Director, Centre for Peace Studies, Khartoum University.
Advisor of Peace Research Institute, Khartoum University.
  Prof. Abdelhafiz Eltahir Ahmed
Director — General Directorate of non-governmental higher education , Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE).
Former Director — General Directorate of Admission and certificates evaluation and attestation, (MoHE).
Former Secretary for Academic Affairs, University of Juba.
  Eng. Osman Mustafa
Advisor at Future University.
Former Director / Chairman, Earth Moving Company , Ministry of Irrigation.
Former President, Engineering Society.
Former Vice-dean for Administrative and Finance, Computer Man College.
  Prof. Merghani Hamour
Advisor, University of Khartoum
Former Vice Chancellor, Jazira University
Advisor, The Future University
  Dr. El Tayeb Murkaz
The Dean , Faculty of Law, Khartoum University
The Founders, Investors and Representatives
  Mrs. Mona Ali Hassan Karar
Mrs. Dahlia Abubaker Mustafa
Mr. Ghassan Abubaker Mustafa

The Members

Dr. Isam M. Khair Acting Assistant President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Tarig Babiker Ali Eltom Medical Specialist, U.K.
Utz. Akif Ahmed Mihameed The Assistant President for Finance and Administration
Utz. Kawther Abu Alnaja The Director for Admission and Registration ( The Registrar)
Utz. Saleih Dafalla The Librarian
Utz. Abdel Galel Mohammed Khair Media Advisor
Dr. Khalid Hasan The (Acting) Dean of Student Affairs
Dr. Hussien Gamaan The Dean , Faculty of Art and Design
Dr. Ashraf Gasim Elseid The Dean , Faculty of Telecommunication and Space Technology
Dr. Emmalyn Capuno The Dean, Faculty of Information Technology