The Future University is an institution of higher learning committed in producing well - rounded professionals who will be responsible in providing quality of life in the society.


The Future University shall be a technology driven institution dedicated in the development of responsible intellectuals who are empowered, technologically equipped, life-long learners and morally-upright to face the challenges of the dynamic world.


The Future University creates an atmosphere conducive to academic activities by providing scientific and technological programs; and to equip the students, parents, the academic community and the society with the ability to contribute to the innovation and research in the sciences and technology.

Over the past 25 years, the Future University, as an institution of higher learning, continues to realize its mission and vision; fulfills its commitment to contribute to the development of the well-being of the youth in Sudan, in particular and in other countries in Africa in general.

  • Formerly known as Computer Man College, founded in 1990.
  • Future University was elevated to full university status in 2010 by the Parliament and signed by the President of the Republic.
  • FU is a leading ICT academic institution in the region.
  • The FU has the right background to assist Sudan to adopt sound policies regarding emerging technologies and to be at the heart of global developments.